Why have the WA Realtors PAC & the CEO of John L. Scott Real Estate Launched a Smear Campaign Against State Senator Chase? Also: Monsanto, Merck, Chevron & Stand for Children fund candidate Jesse Salomon

Lennox Scott (L), grandson of real estate patriarch John L. Scott and CEO of the family real estate business, and Jerry Martin (R), WA Realtors president, are main funders of shady attacks on State Senator Maralyn Chase. The Realtors PAC also contributed directly to Chase’s opponent, two-time senate hopeful and Shoreline City Councilmember Jesse Salomon.






Shoreline City Councilmember Jesse Salomon, funded by Chevron, Merck, Monsanto, Stand for Children, and the WA State Realtors PAC.

Last week, the Washington State Realtors Association, whose top contributors include Lennox Scott of John L. Scott Real Estate, Seattle King County Assoc of Realtors, WA Realtors President Jerry Martin, and the Spokane Association of Realtors, released two separate mailers attacking State Senator Maralyn Chase (D-Edmonds).

The Realtors PAC has so far spent over $40,000 against Chase.


It’s becoming clear that a cadre of real estate, corporate and privatizing entities desperately want to replace progressive champion Maralyn Chase with someone who will serve their interests.

The Realtors PAC has also received in-kind donations in the form of $32,250 worth of polling and research services  from the anti-union, education privatizers Stand for Children (whose Washington PAC has a reported $1 million in its campaign coffers).

Stand for Children has also contributed nearly $70,000 to get Chase challenger, Jesse Salomon, elected (see Public Disclosure Commission reports here and here) and has also endorsed Salomon (See: Stand for Children Washington PAC Endorsements 2018).

Salomon, meanwhile, has accepted funding from national corporations like oil giant Chevron, pharmaceutical conglomerate Merck, and Monsanto, the manufacturer of GMOs and the carcinogenic pesticide Roundup.

In contrast, Senator Chase led the statewide initiative to require labeling of food containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in 2013. Though it came close, the initiative ultimately failed, 49-51%, up against a record $21 million of opposition from corporations, including — you guessed it — Monsanto.

As they say on the PDC web site, and in this revealing post by local blogger and ed activist Carolyn Leith at the Seattle Education Blog: Follow the money.

The choice has become extremely clear in the contest for State Senator in the 32nd District: the people’s candidate (Maralyn Chase) versus the corporate candidate (Jesse Salomon). Vote for the true progressive.  Vote Chase.

— SP.

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