My Writing on Education

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15 Reasons Why the Seattle School District Should Shelve the MAP® Test–ASAP

— Seattle Education Blog

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Why Aren’t Our Schools Encouraging Our Kids to Reach for the Stars Anymore?                   — Huffington Post (though written a few years ago, under a former superintendent, this post is timely again, as the Seattle School District has just proposed (5/30/13) splintering its highly capable program into pieces — yet again)

My (unanswered) letter to the L.A. Times about its teacher-ranking witch hunt: “Have you no decency?— Seattle Education Blog

The Shocking Doctrine of Ed Reform Laid Bare by NBC —, & Seattle Education Blog

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10 Concerns About Charter Schools — Charter-Watch Washington

Can we save the old Horace Mann Building? The classic building, last one standing by an early architect, has been closed by the School District. That could create serious problems for a crime-torn neighborhood, unless a new use is found. Some residents are trying.— Crosscut, July 2009

Our Declaration of Support for Public Schools — Seattle Education Blog    

In the current national discussion about education reform, the loudest voices are not necessarily those of the people who are directly affected by what happens in our schools – the students, parents, teachers and school communities themselves.

We are parents with children in public schools. These are our kids, their teachers, our schools. And we would like to be heard.

What’s more, the message coming from the current league of reformers is largely negative, much talk about what’s wrong with our schools, but little discussion of what public schools and teachers are doing right, and what they could do even better if given full support.

Can our public schools be improved? Absolutely. But that begins with fully funding our schools and believing they can work.

We believe they can, when given the chance.

We also believe that too many of the latest proposed education reforms are too punitive and are not changes for the better.

We believe there are valuable aspects of public education worth preserving and supporting, beginning with the very principle itself, free public education for every child in the country. We believe this has always been a noble goal and one that we’re not willing to give up on.

So we have created a Declaration of Support for Public Schools.

We invite others across the nation who share our vision for public education to sign on to our statement, to send a message to the president, education secretary and school district officials throughout the country.

The message is simple:

Let’s fix what’s broken, but don’t break what isn’t.

And do not impose detrimental changes on our schools and children in the name of “reform.”


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